Derfin MP3 version


The newest version of Derfin MP3 Downloader will be available with the next few hours on Google Play.

This new version includes new icons for the app and a work around for a very common crash. The work around is fully functional but will only be present until version 2.0 on which we are already working.

The crash was caused an incorrect implantation of a system API and was triggered by clicking on the download notification if more than one download was running at the time. If only one download was running, the app worked as expected. Also, the crash only crashed the app but not the download manager, which means that downloads continued after the app crash.

Screenshot from 2014-10-13 18:54:24

Derfin MP3 Downloader

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I’m currently developing a App called Derfin MP3 Downloader. It’s a tool that allows the user to download music from youtube. The App converts the video into MP3 and saves it to the user’s mobile phone.Nexus 4

The app allows downloads via writing or pasting the URL into the App or using the “sharing” menu when selecting a youtube-link.

Nexus 4 direct download

The first public release will be online within the next few hours. You can download the App:

Get it on Google Play


It’s raining…

Random Stuff

So it’s raining a lot here in southern Spain and I used the day to think about all my projects…

I thinking of how I could manage to get more attention on both the 7base and the project… I know that I need to put more effort in both off them, specially in the second one, since I think that that’s the project with a future. I hope that, once I finished it, I’ll get some people to know it.

My internet connection goes offline every few minutes, I’m really starting to hate my ISP at this moment…

Portscanner v0.3-beta

Python Portscanner V0.3-beta

Projects, Python

I’ve finished my first python project.

Well, in fact, I’ve only released it’s first version, but that counts pretty much as a ‘finished project’, doesn’t it?  😉

The Python Port-scanner scans a list of IPs for port availability, the ports which will be tested are written into a list within the python script and can be changed easily. At the moment, the user inputs a IP range in form of a x.x.x format and the scripts test all IPs from x.x.x.0 to x.x.x.255. I will add advanced targeting in future releases.

This script was tested on Linux with Python 2.7.3, but it should work with OS X. Since I used Unix tmp files this may not work on Windows.

Catch the project on github or visit the github-project site!