Instagram has updated their API requirements and terms of usage of their service. As we don’t know exactly if you app would be approved to form part of their new restrictive ecosystem and the new limitation would heavily damage the functionality of our app, we are stopping development of Analytics for Instagram. The app will be available in its current state until June, which is when the new limitations are applied to old apps.

We are sorry about the inconveniences and we hope that stuff like this won’t happen in the future.


Beautiful morning

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Taken this morning… We also want to inform about our new app: Hipster Tools. Right now it’s in early development state. More an idea than an actual app, with only a few lines of code written.
But the idea is there and we are definitely working on it. We hope to release as soon as possible, but we don’t want to start with alpha or beta versions this time. This time we want to publish a finished product to our users, avoiding all the trouble, both for us and the users, unfinished versions cause.
Updates will follow on this blog!

Derfin MP3 version


The newest version of Derfin MP3 Downloader will be available with the next few hours on Google Play.

This new version includes new icons for the app and a work around for a very common crash. The work around is fully functional but will only be present until version 2.0 on which we are already working.

The crash was caused an incorrect implantation of a system API and was triggered by clicking on the download notification if more than one download was running at the time. If only one download was running, the app worked as expected. Also, the crash only crashed the app but not the download manager, which means that downloads continued after the app crash.

Screenshot from 2014-10-13 18:54:24

Derfin MP3 Downloader

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I’m currently developing a App called Derfin MP3 Downloader. It’s a tool that allows the user to download music from youtube. The App converts the video into MP3 and saves it to the user’s mobile phone.Nexus 4

The app allows downloads via writing or pasting the URL into the App or using the “sharing” menu when selecting a youtube-link.

Nexus 4 direct download

The first public release will be online within the next few hours. You can download the App:

Get it on Google Play