Portscanner v0.3-beta

Python Portscanner V0.3-beta

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I’ve finished my first python project.

Well, in fact, I’ve only released it’s first version, but that counts pretty much as a ‘finished project’, doesn’t it?  😉

The Python Port-scanner scans a list of IPs for port availability, the ports which will be tested are written into a list within the python script and can be changed easily. At the moment, the user inputs a IP range in form of a x.x.x format and the scripts test all IPs from x.x.x.0 to x.x.x.255. I will add advanced targeting in future releases.

This script was tested on Linux with Python 2.7.3, but it should work with OS X. Since I used Unix tmp files this may not work on Windows.

Catch the project on github or visit the github-project site!